Meet the Team

Meet the Key Players

Our diverse team brings a wealth of experience from a variety of industries.

The NR Group consists of a talented core team of creatives, strategists and production experts who are closely involved with each and every aspect of your project. When required, we’ll bring in consultants and specialists from our trusted and professional network who have the specific talents needed for your project.


Nancy Fotopoulos

Nancy Fotopoulos is the President and Co-founder of The NR Group. Her sweet spot lies in strategy and client relations, and she takes pride in getting involved in the daily nitty gritty of agency work. Nancy loves spending time in the great outdoors, and readily admits to doing her best thinking while hiking a trail or on the golf course.


Rob Lusk

Meet Rob Lusk – he’s our Creative Director and Co-founder. When he’s not writing scripts, directing videos or overseeing design projects, you’ll find him happily smoking ribs in his back yard, usually with a glass of Malbec (“it’s good value!”) in hand.


Rebecca Boulsbee

Rebecca Boulsbee, VP of Creative Services, works with clients to deliver customized online communications strategies that target their unique needs. Although she’s an online expert, she often enjoys going unplugged at her cabin hideaway with her furry sidekick, Crockett.


Anna Burns

Anna Burns is The NR Group’s Senior Account Manager and resident cat lady. Her strengths lie in making sure projects are completed on time and on budget – when a client is happy, she’s happy. When Anna’s OOO is on, you might find her sampling local beers or Pinteresting her dream house, often at the same time.


Lisa Leung

Lisa Leung is our graphic designer / production artist at NRG. But don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you! She’s a serious outdoor enthusiast, avid hiker, camper and photographer and can often be found tackling the nature’s challenges in the Rocky Mountains.


Catherine McNair

Catherine McNair is our talented and creative in-house graphic designer who approaches each project with zeal, getting her hands dirty with wireframe builds, Illustrator creations and CSS coding. Outside of life as a designer, she is an avid live music lover, moviegoer, and cocktail sipper.


Drew Simmons

Drew Simmons, Sr. Graphic / Production Designer, has a wide range of creative expertise that makes him an essential player on our team! His love for technology keeps his skills sharp and on top of the latest trends. Drew’s true passion is being a dad to four kids, and to unwind he loves cooking, fishing, and playing golf.


Steve Yuricek

Line Producer, Steve Yuricek, is tasked with sourcing and managing project specialists and meeting challenging timelines and deliverables against the odds. He likes to relax by golfing, working out and gardening.